The 2010s: The Worst Decade For Comedies

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It really is a bad time for comedies, even though we really could use the comedic relief at the moment. Movie studios are just not putting the money into mid budget films anymore. Mainstream studio comedy has suffered quite a bit. Nobody has really cracked the code since the Apatow/Hangover era. It’s incredibly telling that “Game Night” is considered one of the bigger hit comedies recently and could only scrape $69 million domestically. 

Seth Rogen was on a podcast a couple years ago saying how hard it is to get studio comedies made nowadays compared to the 2000s where studios were buying up comedies like crazy because they all tended to turn profits on DVD. Big-budget movies are tailored more and more to a global audience. Comedies don't really translate well overseas, so there is less incentive to make them.

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