Nicolas Winding Refn: Because of Trump ‘We’re Living in a Dystopian Reality TV Show' But It's 'Thrilling' to Behold

Nicolas Winding Refn Cannes
Nicolas Winding Refn writing an essay on Donald J Trump? 
That's exactly what the controversial, and altogether goofy, filmmaker did for The Guardian in a penned piece that is full of salty statements:
“For the past six months, I’ve been shooting in America, and it seems increasingly clear we’re now living in a dystopian reality TV show. America has always had a tendency towards the operatic but, fueled by the hand grenade of insanity that is Donald Trump, it’s reached new heights of hysteria. This means even the smallest developments are heralded as either the end of the world or the second coming.”
However, Refn seems to change course after that paragraph by describing the era of Trump as  “thrilling." going on to say, "we are appalled by what we witness unfolding each day – essentially, the destruction of the American way of life by its own administration – but we’re also inescapably gripped by it. This is a very exciting time in our history.”
Refn is excited at the prospect of a possible Trumpocalypse happening in America because “Even Trump’s fierce arrogance and distaste for his fellow man is good. It’s revealed how many people and politicians share such a view, and our exposure to such hypocrisy is healthy,” says Refn.
Oh, but there is a cure for all this according to the Danish filmmaker, Cinema!
“Cinema has become like Chinese food: it gives you cheap, instant pleasure, like an orgasm, but it’s not very healthy or interesting.”
He continues, “The future must be different. I want it to be an uncontrolled place of beautiful chaos, where everyone can create their own universe and is free to speak their own mind, without being overseen by big business. A place of free speech and free access.”