Guy Pearce says Kevin Spacey was a "handsy guy" on the set of L.A. Confidential

The allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Kevin Spacey have put a complete stall to his career. Following the allegations made by “Star Trek: Discovery” actor Anthony Rapp, which was followed by Spacey’s widely criticized apology and coming out, more stories emerged about the actor’s pattern of behavior from journalist Heather Unruh, filmmaker Tony Montana, actor Roberto Cavazos, Harry Dreyfuss, and more. Netflix acted swiftly, halting production on “House Of Cards” season six, and saying nothing will move forward if Spacey is involved.

Suffice to say, the foreseeable future looks very grim for the 58 year-old actor. Add Guy Pearce to the list of sleazy Spacey stories as the Australian born actor told an Aussie rag that Spacey was "handsy" on the set of the classic 1997 Neo-Noir "L.A. Confidential":

“Yeah … yeah. Tough one to talk about at the moment. Amazing actor; incredible actor. Mmm. Slightly difficult time with Kevin, yeah,” Pearce says. “He’s a handsy guy.”

“Thankfully I was 29, and not 14,” he continued.