Disney would control 40% of the US box office if it buys Fox

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Disney is already monopolizing the box-office with their consistently delivered PixarStar Wars, and Marvel movies. However, according to a senior market analyst interviewed by CNN, Disney would control 40% of the US box office if it buys Fox.

That's what Barton Crockett, a senior analyst at FBR Capital Markets, told the news network. According to him, by the end of the year, the total control would almost certainly be at around the 40% level.

When Disney's $71.3 billion deal, for most of 21st Century Fox, goes through then the company stands the chance to monetize even further with the addition of juggernaut franchises such as Deadpool, the X-Men, and Avatar

Crockett went on to add that Disney would become the "Walmart of Hollywood."

"They'll have so much share, that it will seem to give them leverage up and down the supply chain," Crockett added. "It's what happens in a world where one studio, mainly Disney, is having outsized success in doubling down on its investments, and most of the other studios seem to be on their heels a bit when it comes to making movies."

"If they continue to grow their share of domestic box office, it's hard to escape the conclusion that they'd have leverage over time to get an even higher share of movie receipts," Crockett said.