Actor Mark Duplass apologizes for, since deleted, pro-Ben Shapiro tweet

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These days a lot of the more renowned Western philosophers seem to be associated with conservative thinking, but people like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro shouldn't really be simplified in that matter. Accusations of "alt-right," "racist," sexist and "bigot" will always be thrown at these people despite the fact that there really is not any proof for them to label as such. Beware, if you are liberal and do come forward with even a smidge of support for even a tiny little idea/theory these guys come up with, then you stand the chance to be labelled all of the derogatory terms I just mentioned. 

Indie actor Mark Duplass clearly has not gotten the memo, and had to issue an apology to his fans earlier on Thursday after a tweet in which he called Shapiro a “genuine person” with "good intentions."

Duplass has deleted the tweet, which he addressed to his “fellow liberals.” Shapiro's tweet was encouraging open-minded people to follow Shapiro if they are interested in hearing the other side of the argument. 

After deleting his tweet, Duplass wrote an apology

So that tweet was a disaster on many levels. I want to be clear that I in no way endorse hatred, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, or any such form of intolerance,” Duplass wrote. “My goal has always been to spread unity, understanding and kindness.” 

Duplass said he will “make mistakes along the way” because he "moves too quickly when excited about an idea, fails to properly research or doesn’t communicate properly." He went on to add  “I’m really sorry. I now understand that I have to be more diligent and careful. I’m working on that,” Duplass wrote. “But, I do believe deeply in bi-partisan understanding and I will continue to do my best to promote peace and decency in the world right now."

Shapiro fired back not too soon after the 'apology": 

“I want to say thank you to those who reached out with constructive criticism. I have genuinely learned so much and wish everyone all the best.” Shapiro fired back, “So in 24 hours I apparently went from being a person with good intentions to a racist sexist bigot. Twitter toxifies any attempt to cross the aisle. There's no conservative Mark could have recommended who wouldn’t receive the same blowback.”

Today's Leftist lesson on Twitter: write a nice tweet about someone with whom you disagree politically, get labeled a racist sexist homophobe. Good stuff, guys. Really showing that tolerant streak,” 

Conservative journalist Steven Crowder tweeted, “Don’t worry, @benshapiro. He did the exact same thing with me last year. Appeared twice, got gaslit by the left and acquiesced. It doesn’t matter how kind you are.” New York Times columnist Bari Weiss wrote, “Another successful struggle session. The sin: humbly suggesting people read those they disagree with.”