Tom Cruise Shut Down a Topless Scene His Costar Lea Thompson Didn't Want to Do in "All the Right Moves"

Lea Thompson And Tom Cruise In 'All The Right Moves'
Lea Thompson recently revealed that when the pair were filming 1983's All the Right Moves, Cruise shut down one of the topless scenes Thompson was supposed to do. “[The producers] wanted me to show my breasts twice in the script,” .........One of those scenes never happened, though, thanks to Cruise. "Tom managed to talk them out of one of the [nude] scenes." 
 Kudos to Cruise for standing up for his co-star. Back in 1983 as well.

What's more is, when Thompson went topless for the other scene that didn't get cut, Cruise offered to bare himself in solidarity. "In the second, he said, ‘Well, if she has to be naked, I’ll be naked, too,’" she said, adding, "That’s pretty badass! I’ve always been grateful to him for standing up to the producers.”

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