Time Magazine has perfected the art of the 'Trump Cover'

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Another week of Trump, another incendiary Time magazine cover.

I mean, at this point, Time Magazine is selling their issues for the beautifully conceived covers as much as what is being written inside their pages, and Time, by all accounts, has the nation's highest quality of mainstream journalism as far as I'm concerned.

The Time magazine Donald Trump covers are incredibly resonant because they convey what is happening right now in America with such simple yet effective imagery. I mean, even a Trump supporter can still marvel at the effectiveness of the message and how, in a way, these covers don't necessarily demean Trump as much as just feed his already intensely-built ego.  Yes, I can indeed think of a scenario where 45 looks at these covers and approves of their existence, hell, even likes the way they look.

Some crazy times we live in.

Image result for donald trump time magazine covers
Total Meltdown Donald Trump Time Magazine Cover
TIME, 2016
TIME, 2015
NFL Trump Time Magazine Cover
Image result for donald trump time magazine covers
Image result for donald trump time magazine covers
Donald Trump King Me Time Magazine Cover
Trump Year One Time Magazine cover

Of course, there's also this lovely cover of the White House basically being invaded by the Kremlin. Released at a time when the Russia story was at fever pitch. It has since calmed down a bit, but when this cover came out I do remember Russia being all we heard day and night on the news.

This cover was a little more subtle and had the nazi salute almost looking like Trump's hairdo, or at least that's my interpretation of the cover. Some say the swoosh of the American flag is styled in the way Trump's hair looks. Regardless, it was powerful, but also kind of hinted at deeper tensions than just Nazi problems in Charlottesville. It represented a country divided by red and blue, left and right.