"The Last Jedi" Star Kelly Marie Erases Her Instagram After Months Of Racist And Sexist Comments From SW "Fans"

"The Last Jedi" and its deviation from the original spirit of the character rubbed many people the wrong way. Others,  were also complaining about the new characters whom, coincidence or not, were mostly female characters, (Laura Dern's Admiral Holdo and Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico,) which even led to a fan deciding to edit his own 46 minute version of the "The Last Jedi" without any women in it. That was going a little too far.

 With all that being said, JJ Abrams' claim that the reason for the nasty backlash was because these very fans felt "threatened" by having strong women in their movie kind of misses the point. Sure, there is some truth in that statement, but it wasn't just the fact that Rose and Kelly were in the movie that had fans wanting Johnson's head on a golden platter. No, it was a lot more than that.

Regardless, the mean-spiritedness that can mentally hamper down some Star Wars fans has made Marie Tran delete her Instagram, and all her posts and essentially wiped her profile clean. 

According to 
Star Wars Facts, Tran deleted her Instagram “due to months of harassment she has received for her character Rose in #TheLastJedi.”

There is no actual statement from the actress.

Tran was the first woman of color to have a leading role in the “Star Wars” films, and, as mentioned, even if her character was divisive, many trolls were surely attacking her based on race and gender.