Study: Male Film Critics Are Overwhelming Majority

I guess I should probably, albeit briefly, mention that the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative released a report on Monday that stated: "an overwhelming majority of film critics — 78% — are male, and only 22% are female."

Tell me something I don't know. Do you actually need a study to know that male film criticism is the overwhelming majority? This clear bias and under-representation is nothing new, it's always been there. I know quite a few film editors out there are trying to, purposely, hire women instead of men, and if they do hire male staff they would be people of color, which I have absolutely no problem with. Hell, I'm not white, so I guess it benefits me. 

Here's the problem, paid jobs in film criticism are almost non-existent these days, especially in print media. Trust me, I know from experience; A full-time reviewing gig for a website with HEAVY traffic will still not pay you enough for a career. It all basically amounts to a) starting your own site b) finding a writing gig with a trade (THR, Variety) or c) a major news organization such as The New York Times, WaPo etc. What I'm trying to say is this; Don't strive to become a film critic unless you actually want to suffer in life.