Ewan McGregor to Play Danny Torrance in ‘Shining’ Sequel ‘Dr. Sleep’

Director Mike Flanagan has cast Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance with Stephen King's blessing.
Ewan McGregor will be visiting the Overlook Hotel in an upcoming movie in "Doctor Sleep."
Variety is reporting that a sequel to Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is currently in the works and that McGregor will star as the adult version Danny Torrence. Torrence, if you don't remember, was the kid that kept uttering REDRUM and that had daddy chasing him all over the maze-like hotel with an ax. 

McGregor got the role over Chris Evans, Matt Smith, and Jeremy Renner.
The film is a Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 follow-up to The Shining and will have director Mike Flanagan ("Oculus," "Ouija: Origin of Evil," and "Gerald’s Game") helming the project. 
Flanagan is no stranger to King having adapted the author's novel "Gerald’s Game" for Netflix. The screenplay for "Doctor Sleep" had been originally written by Akiva Goldsman ("A Beautiful Mind"), but, according to Variety, Flanagan has rewritten most of it.

If Flanagan follows the novel's plot, then "Dr. Sleep" will pick up decades after the tragic events of "The Shining," with Torrence, now an alcoholic with anger issues, starting to sober up, and consequentially having his psychic powers returning. He decides to use his special abilities to help terminally ill patients in a hospice, where he inherits the nickname of Dr. Sleep. But it's his obsession with a particular patient, a little girl with special powers herself, that kicks off the plot.

Flanagan will always be fine in my books just for directing 2016's excellent creepfest "Hush."