‘Batman v Superman’ Cinematographer Defends The Movie And Director Zack Snyder, Says Criticism "Hurts"

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Larry Fong has been Zach Snyder's cinematographer since the days “300,” “Watchmen,” and “Sucker Punch,” so, of course, Fong went along for the ride as the main DP for "Batman v Superman," a film that has arguably been demolished by the critical community but has been, more than not, embraced by DCEU fans and Snyder aficionados (and there are many).   
Naturally, Fong loves the work that he did on BvS and, recently, went as far as to publicly defend it. 
“Everyone has their opinion,” Fong explained on the podcast ComicBook Debate. “Does everyone have to love the movie? Of course not…visually I feel like me and my crew killed it, so when you hear things about it, it kind of hurts. To be honest the weirdest thing… I’ve never really talked about this. But the weirdest thing, and this has happened a lot, I’ll have a stranger come up and say, ‘’Batman v Superman’ really sucked…but don’t worry, what you did was great. It looked really good. It wasn’t your fault.’”
“And I listened to that for a while and was like, ‘Okay, well thanks.’ But then the more I thought about it I thought I’m not going to accept that. Because everyone’s working towards a common goal, right? And Zack’s my brother, I’m not gonna go ‘Yeah!’ you know, ‘He did a horrible job…but I didn’t! I just did my job! That’s right!’ I don’t accept that. If you make a baby together you’re proud of that baby. You can’t divide that up,” he continued.