We will know if Terry Gilliam's "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" can legally premiere at Cannes on Wednesday

A decision over whether Terry Gilliam's "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" can premiere at Cannes will be rendered on Wednesday, April 9 by a court judge.

"We will have to wait and so will Terry Gilliam," said Fremaux.

Gilliam and ex-producer Paulo Branco have been butting heads on the film. A few years back they had both reached an agreement on the production of “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.” The deal was simple, Branco would fund "Quixote," give Gilliam creative freedom and reap the benefits.

Those aforementioned benefits never came to Branco, Gilliam found another producer to finance the film, and then film the started production. Branco has now re-entered the picture and claims the film cannot be released, let alone premiere anywhere, until he gives permission, pointing to the 2016 contract between he and Gilliam. Gilliam says the contract was nullified due to Branco not giving him any funding.
I won't go into great detail about the bad luck and mishaps that have hampered-down Terry Gilliam's passion project "The Man who Killed Don Quixote" for the better part of three decades now. At some point, it seemed like the cursed project, which finished production on June 4th and is now practically completed in the editing room, was on course to be released this year with even a Cannes premiere booked in advance. They most definitely resolved the last setback, John Hurt's death, which was settled with Gilliam regular Jonathan Pryce taking over the role.