The Guardian: Film Critics fear the danger of not having a job and not being ‘relevant’

Guardian article titled “Ripe For A Kicking: Hollywood’s Love-Hate Relationship with Rotten Tomatoes had made the, not-so startling, claim that critics today are just whorish to studios. 
“Critics have trained themselves to [pretend to] take seriously movies that they don’t take seriously because the danger is not having a job and not being ‘relevant’, being aged out of the discussion.” The numbers bear out this trend. The median Tomatometer score for movies grossing more than $2 million was 51% during the 2000s and 53% during the 2010s. In 2017, though, the year of crashes such as Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean 5the median was 71%. Either critics are enjoying movies more or movies are better than ever.”
Contrary to what some might say, movies are not better than ever claims The article.
The thing I find scariest, that I've oft repeated, is that many critics don't educate themselves with film history. You know, I've been, more or less, writing about movies now for a decade and I have seen some drastic changes occur. The people that disturb me the most are the "critics" I've met that have not seen any black and white cinema. These people do exist, they really do.

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