The battle between Cannes and Netflix might be over

Netflix are now expressing regret about their recent battle against the Cannes Film Festival. This led to the streaming giant not bringing Alfonso Cuaron‘s RomaPaul Greengrass‘s Norway and Orson Welles‘ The Other Side of the Wind to the festival 

However, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wants peace with Cannes. He has all but brought up the possibility of Netflix coming back next year.

His full quote about the matter:
“At times we have a reputation as a disruptor, and sometimes we make mistakes. I think we got into a more difficult situation with the Cannes Film Festival than we meant to because, you know, we’re not trying to disrupt the movie system, we are trying to make our members happy. We make our content for them. We love the film festival and we still have buyers going. The festival is very sincere in trying to find a model that works for them and works for us. I’m sure over time we’ll definitely [go back].”

Fine, Mr. Hastings, but this year's lineup is far less interesting because of your decision to pull new films by Alfonso Cuaron, Jeremy Saulnier, Paul Greengrass and Orson Welles.