Ridley Scott: Quality of Television Shows “A Big Problem” For Movie Industry

In a new interview with IndieWire, director Ridley Scott had nothing but praise for the quality of Television shows. 
Scott mentioned his own experiences with TV as having, “Really enjoyed it. I love the speed. I like working fast. I would certainly go ahead and do a show. Probably just a pilot, but you know, once you bite off a little bit you want to do the lot. I think doing the lot becomes pretty challenging if you’re doing a limited series. Six would be doable. Ten starts to get rather long.”
He also name-checked a series: “I just finished a show called ‘Killing Eve.’ Really good. Great writing, but great casting. [Sandra Oh] is fantastic. I love her. She’s got such a great sense of humor and I think the rare psychopath is extraordinary. There’s a dark humor to it all, which is what I really liked,” Scott said.
He thinks all this great small-screen artistry might pose a problem for cinematic endeavors:
“There’s so much original, inventive, innovative stuff coming out of television as well. It’s really presenting a big problem for the feature film business,” Scott said.

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