Polanski victim says Academy banning him is an "ugly and cruel" act, and that Hollywood elites are 'douchebags'

Thanks to Jeff Wells over at HE for the lead.

Samantha Geimer, who is the famous victim of Roman Polanski's 1977 rape case, has slammed the Academy for its expulsion of Polanski. 

In a blog post, Geimer tore into the Academy for the removal of Polanski's Academy membership. “Ugly and cruel” was a way Geimer described the Academy. She also furthered her insults in a Vanity Fair interview, where Geimer says Academy elites are “douchebags.”
Polanski is also fighting back. The director's lawyer told Vanity Fair that his client will appeal the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ decision:
“We want due process,” Braun said.
The Polanski/Geimer case is now over 41-years-old.