Netflix Has Officially Surpassed Disney's Stock Values

NetflixAmazon, and Hulu, with Disney and Apple will all only grow more profitable in the near future. Their original programming is starting to pick up in quality and the overall sense of wanting to stay home to watch something is becoming more popular by the day. People don't want to go to cinemas anymore, at least not as much as they used to. 
"Netflix has surpassed the almighty Disney in total worth and becomes the most valuable pure media company in the world. Year to date, the streaming service has seen its stock prices jump an amazing 80%. A large contributor to this growth is definitely the expansion of Netflix overseas. In the US, we tend to forget that Netflix has grown exponentially in foreign countries, while still growing (albeit slower) here."
The streaming giant is supposed to release close to 500 new original programs over the rest of 2018. Earlier this week, Netflix passed Comcast in market cap, as well. Which means that they are actually more valuable than any of the companies trying to buy Fox. Netflix has mentioned in the past an interest to buy a movie studio, the rights to Fox are currently amidst a bidding wat between Disney and Comcast, but does Netflix care to chime?