Mark Ruffalo Spoiled The Ending of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ in July 2017, Don Cheadle, Sitting Next To Him, Looks Pissed

I'm quite honestly shocked by how this video of Mark Ruffalo, talking “Avengers: Infinity War” almost a year ago, and revealing the ending, by mistake, did not go viral.

"Infinity War" barely had any details revealed about its plot, and that lasted all the way til its release on April 26th. The way they managed to do all this,with the internet becoming more crucial and essential in gathering info, is astonishing.

The interview was with “Good Morning America” in July 2017 (Kudos to ScreenCrush) and had Ruffalo and Cheadle promoting “Thor: Ragnarok.” Ruffalo was asked whether Hulk and Thor save Asgard in the end, but Ruffalo's answer surely had Disneye execs scrambling for any attempt to halt the video virally.

“Like every other Marvel superhero movie, it doesn’t end well for the superheroes" said Ruffalo.”Wait until you see this next one [referring to "Infinity War"], everybody dies!” He wasn't wrong. "Infinity War" ends with half the world's population dying, including most of our superheroes which include Bucky/The Winter Soldier, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Star Lord,  Falcon,

I mean, if I were watching the interview at the time I would probably believe Ruffalo was joking. I guess if Disney had asked GMA to pull the video then someone might have noticed that and wondered if Ruffalo was actually telling the truth, but it's still hilarious to see them both trying to hide what just happened.