Lucasfilm congratulates Marvel Studios for claiming the title of Biggest Opening Weekend

I won't start bitching about how Disney entities, Marvel and Star Wars, have made the rest of mainstream cinema jump off a cliff, no, I won't, but what is Disney actually celebrating with this congratulatory poster? Well, the fact that "Infinity War" had an opening weekend of $258.2 million besting"The Force Awakens" and its $247.9 million opener in December of 2015.

Disney's current, unrivaled monopoly of the industry lies within the fact that the growth of animation has been so important in terms of advancing popularized cinematic entertainment.

After all, animation's roots, which date back more than 100 years ago, lie in being entertainment for little kids to now pretty much dominating the moviemaking landscape.  Disney has proven that the future of cinema lies in animation. One click at Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Wikipedia page and you are entered into the world of 1937, where the film itself was such a revolutionary feat for animation and for the advances Disney was making, very much in the same way "Toy Story" and Pixar were important in CGI filmmaking.

Disney is at the forefront of everything, it seems. No wonder James Cameron had some harsh words about their movies the other day as he himself is involved in his own kind of time-race to out-tech Disney with his three Avatar sequels.