Disney Exec Actually Blames ‘Avengers’ And ‘Deadpool 2’ Terrible ‘Solo’ Box Office

Kathleen Kennedy's job is no doubt on the line now after “Solo: A Star Wars Story” didn't do so well at the box office on Memorial Day weekend.
The Hollywood Reporter found an insider reporting on the goings-on at Disney and how they've decided to blame the low numbers on other films. According to one executive, it wasn’t the movie ‘Solo’ itself that was the problem nor was it the “Star Wars Fatigue” that you might hear about. No, it was “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Deadpool 2.”
“There’s a question of frequency, and how many times people will go to the movies. Is this too much and too soon for a third time in a five-week period?” says Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis said to this weekend.
Hollis blames ‘Infinity War’ coming out April 27, combined with “Deadpool 2” coming out only two weeks later to 'Solo' underperforming.
Hollis does save himself a bit afterward by saying maybe we should just let time pass on and make a judgment instead “Let’s measure how we feel about this until more time passes.”