Zack Snyder hints that he hasn't even seen "Justice League"

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I love production nightmares in Hollywood movies. Those are the kind of stories that become the stuff of Hollywood lore and, my friends, the chaotic production of "Justice League" is surely a prime example of that.
Has Zack Snyder not seen "Justice League"? That's what some fans are speculating after a brunch joke from a "Justice League" scene confused Snyder during a recent Reddit chat. 
Snyder has never released a statement about his opinion on "Justice League" but the following exchange kinda makes you think that he's only seen his own cut of the movie:

For those unaware, the brunch joke had to do with Flash (Ezra Miller) complaining to Batman (Ben Affleck) about it when they recruit him into the group, then it came back later in the film's post-credits sequence when Superman (Henry Cavil) says, if he wins, Barry should take everyone to brunch.
Of course, Snyder might have just forgotten about both scenes but something tells me it's more than just that. If I were Snyder and Warner Bros. basically takes the movie I shot and hires a new director to interfere, I don't think I'd be able to watch the final product. It'd be too painful.
A petition by Snyder/DCEU fans demanding  that his director's cut be released is still online and has received close to 177,000 signatures.