Source: The beginning of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ features the death of a major Marvel character.

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I'll be watching “Avengers: Infinity War,”  like the rest of film critics around the U.S, next Tuesday at 2pm, How excited am I? I have reservations, that's for sure, I thought both "Avengers" films were rather stilted, even if they had their fair share of excellent set-pieces, but they made me feel pummeled and numb by their conclusions. A lot of that had to do with director Joss Whedon's overbearing, assaultive style, but at least the Russo Brothers, excellent decision to hire them, have taken over the reigns for these next two movies.

Of course, with all such blockbusters, rumors are swirling as to what to expect with the film, most interesting rumor of all is Screen Geek's claim, as per a “reliable source,” of a major character's death at the start of the film:

“The beginning of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ features the death of a major Marvel character. Some fans will be expecting it, while others will be blindsided. It sets the tone for the rest of the movie – as well as the future of the MCU. It’s good that the Russo Brothers are telling fans to be emotionally prepared for the film – because they’ll definitely need to be. Whether you’re expecting it or not, it’s going to be BIG.”

Fans were then quick to speculate that it might be Loki, but who knows.  I'm just excited to catch another superhero movie directed by the Russo brothers, whom have created two of the very best movie of the genre "The Winter Soldier" and "Civil War." Can they make "Infinity War" work? After all, they have to deal with 20+ characters here, not an easy task. 

The film is set to be the very first blockbuster to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras, another intriguing prospect to look forward to come next Tueday's press screening.
“Avengers: Infinity War” will be in theaters April 27.