Mark Hamill on "The Last Jedi": "They had time for me to milk that alien but to show human emotions, nah..."

Mark Hamill's interviews promoting "The Last Jedi" back in December were fascinating to watch. The 66-year-old-actor seemed to be somewhat bitter or, at the very least, troubled by the way Luke Skywalker was treated in Episode 8 by director Rian Johnson. 

Hamill is back this week criticizing Disney for making him milk that disgusting sea cow and "not even having a short scene where Luke shows human emotions." Yikes. He doesn't seem to give two fucks about it either. The 66-year-old actor can't help but let his real thoughts slip into the fray. That's why we adore the guy, but, honestly, why even bother come back for Episode 9, I mean, I know Rian Johnson is gone and Abrams is back, but Disney probably don't want him near the next installment, especially since "The Last Jedi" made $200+ million less than "The Force Awakens." Hamill has insulted their product on countless occasions. What other actor would do that to Disney? It's not that I disagree with his sentiments and reservations for TLJ, it's just that he's shown no respect to them in countless interviews. I would be peeved off if I were Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.

I gathered a up a few stories that had to do with Hamill criticizing Disney and "The Last Jedi."

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