Looks like Amy Schumer's “I Feel Pretty" is another nail in the coffin for her career

Amy Schumer‘s I Feel Pretty will be released this Friday, but early reviews aren't so kind. Rotten Tomatoes (30%) and Metacritic (44%), are hinting at a potential box-office bomb for Schumer, who last effort was "Snatched," her buddy comedy with Goldie Hawn tanked last summer. As it stands, Schumer is a one-hit wonder in Hollywood with 2015's excellent Judd Apatow-directed "Trainwreck" being the sole redeeming performance she's given that felt humane, honest and funny. I missed last night's press screening of "I Feel Pretty," because, to be quite honest with you, I just couldn't fathom taking the 15-minute train ride to the Boston Common to watch the darn thing. The trailers looked horrible, and just for the mere fact that I think Schumer has lost her mojo ever since "Trainwreck," which is starting to feel more and more like a lightning-in-a-bottle kind of moment for the 36-year-old actress.