First Poster for Orson Welles' Previously-Unfinished Final Film 'The Other Side Of The Wind'

Last week, Orson Welles' daughter was pleading for Cannes and Netflix to come to a mutual agreement to show "The Other Side of the Wind" at the major film festival. 
The film, an abandoned project that was shot in the 1970s, was finally completed by Welles' protege, director, Peter Bogdanovich this year. Netflix jumped on-board at the opportunity to restore this "lost" film when every iother studio balked. 
Beatrice also sent an email to Cannes director Thierry Fremaux, who replied by saying ‘Wind’ is“an extraordinary film. Much more than a historical film. A message from Orson Welles to the world of cinema today.”
If Netflix could make an exception it would be for this film, which doesn't need to be in competition and could just play in the Cannes Classics sidebar.