Alden Ehrenreich (Young Han Solo) was discovered by Steven Spielberg at a Bat Mitzvah

A recent Rolling Stone interview has Alden Ehrenreich stating that it actually was Steven Spielberg that discovered him at, wait for it, a Bat Mitzvah. The famed director saw 14-year-old Ehrenreich in 2003 and, most likely, endorsed him in the industry, which, we assume, led to roles in shows such as "Supernatural" and "CSI" and then, pop course, his star turn in the Coen's "Hail, Caesar," where Ehrenreich played a terrible Hollywood actor. Coincidence that the best performance Ehrenreich has given thus far in his career is as a terrible actor? Who knows, people tend to say it's much harder to play yourself than any fictional character, but there are whispers in the industry that maybe, just maybe, Ehrenreich wasn't the second coming we thought he would be. His reputation took a severe hit during production of the upcoming "Solo: A Star Wars Story" after it was reported that Ehrenreich needed an on-set acting coach due to his struggles with nailing the "spirit" of Han Solo. I won't go further than that but, suffice to say, it does make sense now why Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy would hire the 28-year-old actor as the lead for a major "Star Wars" picture as she and former longtime boss, and mentor, Spielberg go way back.