"A Quiet Place" as a Best Picture contender? Nah.

John Krasinski‘s A Quiet Place, stormed the box-office this weekend with a reported $50 million intake. As ever, the far-reaching speculative mind of In Contention‘s Kris Tapley has let it be known that "A Quiet Place" could contend for Oscars. Pff, yeah ok. I reviewed Krasinski's well-made and efficient thriller at SXSW back in March and was impressed by its technical strengths, but just because this well-reviewed film has made a boatload of mullah this past weekend doesn't make it an awards contender. The state of artful, studio-financed cinema is dire, that I know, but are we so desperate to lay down every good film from Hollywood that makes money as a Best Picture contender now? Has quality dipped so badly that we now need to take every good film as having Oscar potential? Well, I'll admit that "quality" diminishing is all up to the eye of the beholder, but it's quite obvious that studio filmmaking is at its dourest point right now. How else would you explain the fact that "Black Panther" is a cinch to be nominated for Best Picture next year? Yep, we've reached the deep end in studio filmmaking, and my suggestion is, as to not fall down deeper despair, to seek the diamonds in the rough, the indies and foreign beauties that will make you hopeful for the future of cinema, don't bother with multiplex fare for 90% of your ticket purchases. With all that being said, yes "A Quiet Place" is a nice exception to the rule. Oscar contender? Gimme a break.