The curious fate of Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel."

Is it a coincidence that "Wonder Wheel" is Woody Allen's lowest-rated movie EVER on RottenTomatoes? 31% - Ridiculous. Of course, we all know the rotten reviews have nothing to do with the film itself....there have been, at the very least, a dozen Woody pictures that were worse than "Wonder Wheel."  "Magic in the Moonlight," "To Rome With Love," "You Will Meet A Tall, Dark Stranger," "Whatever Works," "Cassandra's Dream," Scoop," "Melinda & Melinda," "Anything Else," "Celebrity," "Shadows and Fog," and "September."

From my B graded October 2017 review:

"Vittorio Storaro‘s cinematography is incredible.  There are some scenes where he uses the light in a given room so well, and in a way that’s very similar to the way he brought out colors to rooms in The Conformist. This is exceptional work from a true master of the form. As much as I hope Deakins wins that Oscar, Storaro deserves it way more."