Spielberg might be working on a Leonard Bernstein biopic

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Steven Spielberg is here in Austin, having just premiered “Ready Player One,” (review forthcoming). He has quite a few projects on the horizon after that film is released on March 30th,  “Indiana Jones 5,” followed by a“West Side Story” story.
And now, according to Variety, Spielberg held a secret table read for an unknown movie which, rumor has it, seems to be a biopic of conductor Leonard Bernstein which could leapfrog ahead of the planned West Side Story remake.
The supposed “top talent”that attended the table read is unknown as of yet,  they all signed non-disclosure agreements, but what's quite clear is that whether this secret project happens or not, Indy 5 is next for the director and will start to shoot next year.
Spielberg is 71 and not slowing down.