Paul Thomas Anderson’s Says "The Master" Is His Favorite Movie, Even If He’s ‘Not Sure It Was Entirely Successful’

Director Paul Thomas Anderson poses for photographers upon arrival at the screening of Phantom Thread at the V&A museum in LondonBritain Phantom Thread Screening, London, United Kingdom - 27 Jan 2018
In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Paul Thomas Anderson said "The Master," one of the very best movies I have seen this decade, will always be his "most beloved" movie. 
“I think that won’t change,” Anderson said. “The amount of emotion I put into it and they put into it — they being Phil [Seymour Hoffman], Joaquin [Phoenix] and Amy [Adams]. I’m not sure it’s entirely successful. But that’s fine with me. It feels right. It feels unique to me.

When it will come the time to make a list of the best movies of the decade you can rest assured Paul Thomas Anderson's masterful film will be included on my own list. It's an incredible achievement, a film that cannot be described in words. I also understand what he means by "it's not entirely successful," I think the film couldn't fully wrap up its thematic ambiguity properly in its last 5 or so minutes, I mean, how do you conclude the eccentric brilliance of the first 95% of this film. The film should have ended with Joaquin just riding away on that motorcycle. Those are minor quibbles. 
PTA also sent a shout-out in the interview to Adam Sandler and his unadorned love for "Big Daddy."
“I love ‘Big Daddy,'” Anderson said. “‘Big Daddy’ had Sensitive Sandler; there’s a scene in it where he’s screaming at his father over the telephone that I used to rewind over and over. That’s when I really thought, ‘I have to find this person. I have to work with this person.'”