Paolo Sorrentino's "Loro" tackles Berlusconi [Teaser]

I can't really say I am a fan of Paolo Sorrentino's cinema, I mean, I do respect it, there's a picturesque quality to his films that is undeniable, but "Il Divo," "The Great Beauty," and "Youth" felt like rather empty Fellinni-esque exercises in style. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to his Silvio Berlusconi biopic which will  be led by Toni Servillo, the star of his Oscar-winning "The Great Beauty," as well as "Il Divo."

The film is in fact two biopics. Titled "Loro" (aka Them or Gold), this film will no doubt have critics looking for parallels between media mogul turned Italian President Berlusconi, an arrogant and self-absorbed man, and current President of the United States Donald Trump.

Variety reports that Sorrentino has decided to split the film into two parts while the editing process of "Loro" was underway, and that the director realized the monster that he had at his disposal. And so, the Italian release date would be as follows: Part I: April 24, Part II: May 24. a Cannes premiere is no doubt a cinch at this point.