Oscars: Live Blogging

11:50 pm "The Shape of Water" wins but we'll always have "Phantom Thread" and "Get Out."

11:37 pm: Whether you loved or hated "Three Billboards," how can anyone seriously complain about Frances McDormand winning another Oscar?

11:15 pm: Guillermo del Toro wins for "The Shape of Water," nice guy.

11:01 pm: Desplat winning over Johnny Greenwood is going to be remembered as a travesty for decades to come.

10:54 pm: Roger Deakins finally winning that Oscar on the same night as Kobe Bryant must feel a little, er, unsatisfying

10:39 pm: Jordan Peele winning Best Original Screenplay for "Get Out" is not a joke. His film was filled with the most bitingly brilliant and relevant social satire we've witnessed at the movies in years. No other movie should have won.

10:34 pm: There was no greater screenplay adaptation this year than James Ivory's stunning, subtle and sumptuous "Call Me By Your Name."

10:09 pm: Well it's only fair someone mispronounces Tiffany Haddish's name

9:43 pm: Kobe Bryant: ONE Oscar. Jean-Luc Godard: ZERO Oscars. David Lynch: ZERO Oscars. Pedro Almodóvar: ZERO Oscars. David Cronenberg: ZERO Oscars. Alfred Hitchcock: ZERO Oscars. Robert Altman: ZERO Oscars. Sidney Lumet: ZERO Oscars. Howard Hawks: ZERO Oscars.

9:35 pm: The risky, indomitable "A Fantastic Woman" wins Foreign Language. Not complaining, but "The Square" was just more my cup of tea. Ditto "The Square," Israel's "Foxtrot," and unfairly shunned "BPM."

9:32 pm: Predictably, Allison Janney wins supporting actress for "I, Tonya." Metcalf was robbed.

9:13 pm: Someone start the petition NOW for Kumail Nanjiani to host next year's

9:01 pm: Tone-deaf Christopher Nolan and his "Dunkirk," will most likely clean up and win every sound award tonight, which begs me to ask the question, are the sound categories rigged?

8:42 pm: Agnes Varda, a cinematic icon, Oscar-nominated for the first time, loses for her incredible achievement "Faces Places." That says it all.

8:37 pm: Eva Marie Saint, at 93, brought in more laughs than Jimmy Kimmel

8:35 pm: So let me get this straight, Winston Churchill's chin won an Oscar?

8:22 pm: Loved that Rockwell shout-out to the timeless, legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

8:20 pm Sam Rockwell, a marvelous character actor ("Moon," "The Green Mile," "The Way Way Back," "Matchstick Men") wins Supporting Actor for a great performance in "Three Billboards," but my heart will always be with Willem Dafoe and "The Florida Project."