Matt Reeves' "The Batman" to Go Into Production in 2019

What Matt Reeves did in "War For the Planet of the Apes" was bloody brilliant. The third, and presumably final, chapter in the "Apes" series was one of the most entertaining movies I had seen last year. 

And so, Reeves' net project, DC's "The Batman," has just skyrocketed in anticipation. Zack Snyder's take on the caped crusader was limp and pummeling to the point where we had almost completely given up on having a film that might harken back to the glory days of the Christopher Nolan films. That is until Reeves showed up. The Shakespearean tragedy he's brought to the Apes movies is transcendent. Now comes word that 'The Batman' will go into production in 2019:

According to Heroic Hollywood, "the film won’t begin production until 2019 because Warner Bros. already has three DC Films projects set to shoot in 2018. Shazam is already in production. "Wonder Woman 2" is set to follow after that, and then the Joker origin story movie thereafter."

"If "The Batman" doesn’t start rolling until 2019, that means the film probably won’t be released until 2020 or 2021, eight or nine years after the last Batman solo movie, "The Dark Knight Rises." That will be the longest wait between solo Batman movies since the franchise was rebooted between Batman & Robin in 1997 and Batman Begins in 2005, and possibly the longest wait since Warner Bros. launched the modern Batman film franchise with Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989."