Ex Berlin And Venice Film Festival Boss Defends Harvey Weinstein Says His Victims Are "Hypocrites"

The former director of the Berlin and Venice Film Festivals, Moritz de Hadeln, has written an op-ed for Swiss media, and voiced his support for Harvey Weinstein and how much of a witch hunt #MeToo has become. 
This is actually ballsy stuff, with de Hadeln defending Weinstein's actions by saying:
“He’s one of the few Hollywood producers that truly love film,” Moritz de Hadeln wrote. “The lynch justice he’s now experiencing is just disgusting.”
De Hadln goes after his film festival counterparts who have thrown Weinstein under the bus by saying: “More than anyone else, they should understand the important role that the Weinstein brothers, Harvey in particular, have had in supporting European cinema. Banning Harvey means European cinema loses an important trump card, a person…whose expertise has made it possible for many important works to succeed.”
He says leave Weinstein alone because he “has not even been convicted of the crimes these numerous women have accused him of, but the voice of the people has denied him the right to presumption of innocence… We should let the legal system decide if Weinstein has committed any crimes.”
On the #MeToo movement being problematic because inherently: “the relationship between men and women, the attraction and repulsion that is anchored in human nature.”
However this quote takes the cake:
“When an actress is touched by Harvey Weinstein in an indecorous manner, goes alone the next day to his hotel room and then screams ‘Me too!’ you can only agree with [French actress] Brigitte Bardot in calling them a hypocrite.”