"Deadpool 2" Trailer: It's Reynolds vs Brolin

"Deadpool 2" will most likely kill it at the summer box-office. There's no way it doesn't, even with an R rating stamped on its poster. 

Tim Miller, director of the original, left the project due to “mutual creative differences” with actor/producer Ryan Reynolds. Trust-worthy reports had Miller wanting style and Reynolds a more thorough focus on comedy. They didn't compute. Miller left. Enter stunt choreographer extraordinaire David Leitch, who did wonders with Keanu on those "John Wick" films. The transition wasn't, as Zohan would say, "silky smooth," reshoots happened, but yesterday we reported excellent test screening scores that were actually better than those given to the original.

This latest trailer for "Deadpool 2" is the most detailed about the plot thus far. It works. I had some reservation about the original, but still liked it, this looks to be around the same kind of joint, maybe with better action and stunts because, you know, David Leitch.