Angela Bassett Agrees She Was Robbed of an Oscar in 1994 for Playing Tina Turner

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Oh, gimme a break, Angela Bassett. Yes, your performance in "What's Love Gotta Do With It" was excellent, but you did not deserve the Oscar for Best Actress that year. No sirree Bobby.  The right person won, Holly Hunter for her silent, time-capsule worthy performance in "The Piano." 

During an interview with Andy Cohen, Angela Bassett agree on a comment from a fan who said they thought Bassett deserved to win an Oscar for playing Tina Turner who feel she was robbed of an Academy Award in 1994. Laughing, Bassett replied, “Yeah, me too.” “Good, I agree,” Cohen added.

As far as looking un-cultured and completely aloof to cinematic history, this moment is a prime example.