"A Wrinkle in Time" director Ava DuVernay will direct Jack Kirby’s ‘New Gods’ for DC

Fresh off her fiasco directing effort with "A Wrinkle In Time," Ava DuVernay has now set her sights on DC, but, more notably, the superhero genre. 
DuVernay will adapt comic book legend Jack Kirby’s “New Gods.”
According to Deadline, Ava DuVernay signed up with Warner Bros./DC to direct a film adaptation of Kirby classic series created in 1971. The New Gods are a race of cosmic beings that are split among two warring worlds, New Genesis and Apokolips.
When asked on Twitter a few weeks ago who her favorite superhero was she replied: “Gosh, that’s hard. Big Barda. Many reasons.” Big Barda is a character that was featured prominently in “New Gods.” That was a hint, but we had no clue this would actually happen.
Say what you will about Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time.” the special effects were really well done. DuVernay also became the first black woman to direct a blockbuster that had a budget of over $100 million with that movie.