The 80-Minute movie is such a lost art in Hollywood. There are far and few of them these days.

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Whenever one goes to a film festival, the main objective is to put together a clear and concise schedule of films and, hope to god, it all works out in the end and you've seen what you had to see. What really helps are those 70-80 minute movies that can really give you a little more breathing room in between the films to, you know, eat something. 

Jeffrey Wells' over at Hollywood Elsewhere mentioned how Sally Potter‘s The Party is just 71 minutes, which seems to be a major selling point for the both of us. I love 80 minute movies. They are such a lost art, very rarely do you have a movie that runs less than 90. Producers don't want to leave the audience member short-changed, but the art of making a film in the 80-minute mark, or less, is such a meticulous editing process. It has to be tight, have a sort of drive that keeps you in it, because, essentially, the film only has two acts.

As mentioned, a great lost art

These would probably be the cream of the crop in terms of this kind of movie:
Dumbo (64 Minutes,), Frankenstein (70 minutes), Pickpocket (75 minutes), Before Sunset (80 minutes), Zelig (79 minutes), Rope (80 minutes), Primer (77 Minutes), Toy Story (81 minutes), Borat (84 minutes), Elephant (81 Minutes), Run Lola Run (81 minutes), This is Spinal Tap (82 Minutes)