Rose McGowan has quite possibly lost her mind

Rose McGowan‘s strange behavior on Stephen Colbert the other night has raised concerns in regards to her mental health. We can't forget either her Barnes & Noble meltdown on Wednesday.

I cannot stress enough how important the American actress-model-singer has been to the #MeToo movement, she and Asia Argento we're the first to admit being abused by Harvey Weinstein right before the movement was about to be unleashed. However, Rose needs to take a step back and realize just how mentally fragile and unbalanced her recent appearances have looked. 
Yes, she might be driven by honesty and the experiences she endured in the past that have, visibly, shaken her, but I'm thinking there's more to this than meets the eye. I contacted a friend that, more or less, confirmed my concerns. He's known McGowan for the better part of 20 years:

"Lotta drugs. Lotta plastic surgery. Talks weird in this way that only multi-pharmaceutical-taking people do. She didn't used to talk like that. You gotta understand, ROSE IS TRUMP This is all about her All her dumb language about I come from Planet Xenon and I don't speak like you people, that is all real megalomania (probably spiked with meth and Adderall)Sadly Rose was once a funny, vivid girl. Really could make you laugh out loud hard. Used to love House of Pies. Bought whole cars while on Ambien."

Whatever the case may be, she tweeted today that no more public appearances will be made to promote her book Brave, but also mentioned the infamous Barnes and Nobles book appearance. McGowan is condemning her team of publicists, assistants, and managers who she claims did nothing when she was being "verbally assaulted" by the heckler (whom she claims was a hired actor):