Paulette Goddard, in 1936’s Charlie Chaplin starring "Modern Times," looked like she could be in a contemporary film

"City Lights" is probably Charlie Chaplin's greatest achievement, but "Modern Times," ah yes, now that movie is my favorite Chaplin. It's no surprise that he found an incredible starring partner in Paulette Godard, who also starred with him in "The Great Dictator." She was also great in her non-Chaplin roles, but her legacy is those two Chaplins she was win.  She married the actor in 1936 but would later divorce him in 1942, no coincidence that she garnered a reputation as an actress that was hard to work with, but that might have to do with Chaplin spreading the aforementioned toxicity post-divorce than any other conceivable reality, but who knows. I must have seen "Modern Times" around 2004, when I was in film school and, suffice to say, her modern beauty struck me immediately. I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of films from that era with most of the women looking rather dated and of their time, not Goddard. Today, she still has that modern beauty to be a movie star.  This is a timeless example of how sporting the latest hairdo in a movie can date a woman. Another great example, from the other end of the spectrum, is just about every movie from the 80s. Goddrd's chemistry with Chaplin in "Modern Times" was incredibly intense and brought forth an extra layer of realism to the film. On a side note; in the film "Chaplin," in which Robert Downey Jr. portrayed the titular star, he was portrayed as seeming to feel the best about Goddard out of all of his ex-wives because she was the only one that didn't try to take him to the cleaners in the divorce. Go figure.