N.Y. Times film critic A.O. Scott writes a scathing indictment of Woody Allen: “It’s a matter of who deserves the benefit of the doubt”

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N.Y. Times critic A.O. Scott has indicted Woody Allen in his latest article entitled "My Woody Allen problem." Listen, no rebuttal writeup would do justice to the Robert Weide essay, which is really a must read for anyone that has an open-mind and is willing to go past the witch hunt mentality that has infested our social media, especially Twitter.
Surely people like Scott have decided that it´s worth being despised and ridiculed, time will not be kind to him, just for the sake of keeping his job. The gist of it all is this: There has not been a single other accuser that has come forth and accused Allen of anything. Usually, these "predators" have a few victims. This is embarrassing for not Just Scott, but all the others trying to cling to some kind of relevance like Richard Brody who wrote a scathing review of "Wonder Wheel" in December in which he admitted he couldn't separate the man from the artists anymore, whatever the hell that means.
“It’s a matter of who deserves the benefit of the doubt,” Scott explains in the article. 
Posted by yours truly on 1.9.18:

"Disgusting, bullshit...McCarthyism...people crumbling and turning out of fear...mass public shaming....this is a disgraceful moment. Will Woody get hounded out of moviemaking? I don't know. I hope not. That would honestly crush my heart. I mean, I feel there are European financiers that would fund him. People know that Mia is a brainwasher who abused her kids. But they CAN'T SAY THAT Because that would be BLAMING THE VICTIM. I think we are fucked. The more times Trump does something like "shithole"...all white males pay. You can protest Trump 24 hours a day...you will still pay."

Rebecca Hall, Timothy Chalamet, Greta GerwigEllen Page, Griffin Newman, and David Krumholtz, have expressed regret in working with him. What does this ever-growing list of actors and actresses condemning Allen mean for his future in moviemaking? We’re not sure yet, but one suspects that if more stars come out to condemn him then he might be hounded out of moviemaking for good, at least in Hollywood. American actors are surely going to think twice about working with him now and it will be really interesting to see what happens with the announcement of Allen’s next film if it happens because the writer/director typically announces and shoots a new film about every 12-16 months.
There would surely be European financiers ready to back his next projects, but a total ousting from Tinstletown would be a significant event. Following the allegations of child abuse, Allen’s much-publicized split with Mia Farrow back in the 1990’s ended in hostility, most of which has been unresolved almost two decades later. Ronan’s brother Moses has vehemently defended his dad over the years saying “My mother [Mia Farrow] drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister, and I hated him for her for years. I see now that this was a vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi.” However, Ronan Farrow, a reputable journalist, who helped uncover the Harvey Weinstein scandal for The New Yorker a few months ago (and signed a three-year deal this week with HBO to head up investigative documentaries), stands by his assertions that sexual abuse did happen. It’s a polarizing and infuriating scandal and the noise around it is not about to quell anytime soon.