"Kung Fury" adds Arnold Schwarzenegger to its cast which already includes Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff

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Sandberg will also star as the titular hero, deemed the "greatest damn cop of all time" and something tells me more '80s action stars will be cast in the film. As for Schwarzenegger, the 70-year-old actor has had a rough time finding a groove ever since coming out of acting retirement in 2013 with "Escape Plan," his films since then ("The Last Stand," "Sabotage," "Maggie," "Killing Gunther," "Aftermath"), although different and having shown a range in the actor we've never seen before, have failed to ignite any kind of excitement at the box-office or with his fans. However, with "Kung Fury" and Tim Miller's as of yet untitled "Terminator" reboot starring Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and written by James Cameron, things might change for Arnold, who isn't getting any younger and has us desperately in need of another great movie from him.

The original "Kung Fury" short can be seen below