Fox officially working on "Silver Surfer" movie

SyFy had previously reported that Stan Lee hoped that Silver Surfer, co-created by Lee and Jack Kirby during their halcyon run on The Fantastic Four, would make it to the big screen.  Lee is well aware the Surfer’s appearance in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" left much to be desired and that he also hoped Norrin Radd would receive another shot at big-screen stardom. “He’s the one I want to see more,” Lee said. “He’s the most philosophical of all the characters I’ve ever worked on. And I have an idea for my cameo in that one!”

Stan the man better get ready for his cameo. With the impending takeover of Fox from Disney, the studio seems to be pushing full steam ahead with its Marvel movie plans as the studio has hired comic book creator Brian K. Vaughan (RunawaysX-MenY: The Last Man) to pen a Silver Surfer solo movie. According to Flickering Myth, "Fox is “going 100 miles per hour” on development on its various Marvel projects, which includes Doctor Doom solo movie from Legion creator Noah Hawley"