DC Films Wants Michael Bay to Direct "Lobo"

lobo michael bay
I would love to have a“Lobo” movie happen just as much as the next person, but the director and actor have to be the right fit.  Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton were once upon a time touted as directors for "Lobo," Dwayne Johnson was even set to star as the comic book hero.
The Wrap has confirmed that DC Films wants Michael Bay to direct “Lobo,” and that Bay is interested and will make a final decision after he reads the script. Jason Fuchs (“Pan,” “Wonder Woman“) is currently working on the screenplay. 
You know, we predicted many of the bad decisions the WB and DC Films have made before the finished product was even released, and this might be another addition to that list of misdeeds. Bay directing a superhero movie seems like a nightmare for many DCEU fans.