Carnage's Role In "Venom" Revealed?

A new rumor has shed some light on just how Carnage will fit into Sony’s Venom movie starring Tom Hardy.
"A report from That Hashtag Show claims that Cletus "Kasady, perhaps better known as Carnage, will have a small, self-contained part in the film. The movie, which adapts the Lethal Protector miniseries, focuses mainly on Eddie Brock and the Life Foundation — seemingly involving multiple symbiotes. The report cites an unknown source whom claims Carnage’s involvement will appear towards the end of the feature, perhaps in a post-credits scene."
"Kasady will find himself under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka, who then introduces him to Brock. From there, much like the events of the comic book origin of Carnage, an offshoot of the symbiote will make its way towards to Kasady – leaving it open for the famed Marvel villain to appear further down the line in a sequel or another Marvel movie by Sony."
"Kasady first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #344. A serial killer, Cletus shares a cell with Brock during his time at Ryker’s Island. When Brock finally manages to escape, his symbiote leaves a part of itself behind and it bonds with the his former cellmate. From there, Kasady becomes even more mentally unstable, and subsequently, more dangerous."