Box Office Week: Once again Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle retakes #1 in its seventh week with $11M, the first December release to be #1 in February since Titanic in 1998. Meanwhile, Winchester opens weak at #3 with $9.2M.

1. “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle” — $11 million ($352.6 mil.)
2. “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” — $10.2 million ($39.7 mil.)
3. “Winchester” — $9.2 million
4. “The Greatest Showman” — $7.8 million ($137.4 mil.)
5. “Hostiles” — $5.5 million ($21.2 mil.)
6. “The Post” — $5.2 million ($67.1 mil.)
7. “12 Strong” — $4.7 million ($37.3 mil.)
8. “Den Of Thieves” — $4.6 million ($36.2 mil.)
9. “The Shape Of Water” — $4.3 million ($44.5 mil.)
10. “Paddington 2” — $3.1 million ($36.3 mil.)

Notable Box Office Stories:
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle- Well at least this is the last week I should have to rewrite the sentiment of "boy Jumanji is making a lot of money" but there are some new milestones the film has cracked. First up the film has passed $350M domestic, making it the 5th highest grossing film of 2017 domestic. That also puts it just 400K under the lifetime domestic gross of Furious 7 which means by tomorrow it will be Dwayne Johnson's highest grossing film domestically. The film also surpassed Thor: Ragnarok in worldwide gross, making it the 8th highest grossing film in 2017 worldwide. If that wasn't enough, this is the first December release in twenty years to have a #1 spot in February, last achieved by Titanic in February 1998. That really speaks to the unbelievable legs this film has had. It's an immense success all around and it will be fascinating to watch the fallout across all the studios, especially Sony, for its insane success.
  • Winchester - The latest in the "horror films based on real life spooky houses starring acclaimed British actors" genre (you know that old trope) has opened to a pretty weak if predicted #3 with $9.5M. It's odd for a February horror release with barely any marketing to star an actor as acclaimed as Helen Mirren, but then again it's weird to release a new $40M+ entry into a popular film series direct to Netflix right after the Superbowl so nothing makes any sense any more. The film based on the real life Winchester House was directed by The Spierg Brothers, director of last year's minor hit Jigsaw which hoped the popular tourist destination would bring in the crowds. However a new release on Superbowl weekend always spells disaster because it is usually in the top 5 worst box office weekends of the year, for obvious reasons. And this film felt like a bomb they were trying to bury as it received horrendous reviews from critics and a B- on Cinemascore. So the studio will pretend to be surprised that releasing a horror film Superbowl weekend was a bad idea, Helen Mirren will get a big check, and we'll all repeat this all over again next year. Hooray!
  • Oscar Movie Round-up - This weekend saw some big expansions for Oscar films but as expected every single one dropped from last weekend due to A) not being a post-nomination weekend and B) it's Superbowl/Cloverfield weekend. First up is The Shape of Water which 487 theaters but dropped 27.4% for $4.3M. On Saturday the film walked away with the DGA award for best director for Guillermo del Toro, making him a lock for Best Director at the Oscars which often coincides with a Best Picture win. However that win might be taken away in one way or another by Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which added 269 theaters but dropped 20.6% to come in with $3M. While you would think Fox Searchlight would be beaming that they have the #1 and #2 films in the BP race it's actually a bit of a headache. See these studios have to choose what films they pour their campaign money into and it's hard to pick which one to go for if both are seemingly BP noms. Because of this there is a worry that someone like A24 (Lady Bird) or Universal (Get Out) will be able to put all their chips down on one film and steal it away. Not to mention you want to keep people like del Toro and McDonagh happy so they will presumably make their next big Oscar smash with you. So it will be interesting to see how Fox navigates that, most likely pushing del Toro for Director and hoping for a BP win off that and focusing on acting and screenplay wins for Three Billboards. Oh right box office, sorry got on a nerdy tangent there. I, Tonya added 490 theaters this weekend and dropped 15.6% with $2.5M. The film continues to perform well despite really only being a major play in Best Supporting Actress, likely do to the new media evaluation of Harding that comes with a major biopic release. Also that banging Sufjan song. Finally despite only scoring one Oscar nom Molly's Game decided to go for one last push, adding 287 theaters. The results weren't great as it dropped 11.2% for a weekend total of 800K.