2018 BAFTA Awards: 'Three Billboards' Wins Best Film

For all you folks that would like to see "Three Billboards" win the Best Picture Oscar then its win at the BAFTA's today has surely given it some for of momentum, albeit all bets are still on "The Shape of Water" to win. In such an unpredictable awards season, who knows, anything goes it seems. You can count on it possibly winning Best Screenplay, Best Actress (Frances McDormand), and Best Supporting Actor The british bloc of the Academy are with it and that's a big deal. Going against "Three Billboards" is that fact that the last three BAFTA Best Film winners, “La La Land,” “Boyhood” and “The Revenant” ultimately did not win Best Picture.
The BAFTA's were also the last shot for Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" to win and become a contender, alas, its chances of winning have now gone kaput. Toobad. I recently rewatched Nolan's intricte minimalist masterpiece and, by golly, does its quality enhance upon several additional viewings.