'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3' To Be Released In 2020

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It's currently been kept pretty hush but we really want to know what are Marvel's plans post-"Infinity War" and its untitled sequel in 2019. Phase 4 titles would be very much welcome but Marvel head Kevin Feig seems to be keeping the gameplan a little closer to the vest compared to past phases, only teasing at what may come next. However, he has mentioned that what will kickstart the next phase is "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3." James Gunn's sequel from last summer didn't garner the same glowing reviews as his predecessor but I found it to be an absolute delight, filled with self-disregard, colorfully inventive visuals and the perfect example of pop art done right.

There was no doubt that if the third installment would kickstart Marvel Phase 4 then it would probably happen in 2020, a whole year after the Avengers circus is done with. Gunn took to Twitter last night for a Q&A session, what a guy, and when asked when the third installment of his beloved films would be released, he didn't wince and gave us an answer: "Coming in 2020."

Gunn also confirmed in that same Q&A that the Disney purchasing of Fox would not change his creative plans for Guardians 3. If you remember Gunn originally wanted Annihilus as a villain in the original "Guardians" until it was learned that the character was part of the Fox license. However, the purchase of Fox by Disney now makes the character available and, I'm sure, Gunn is itching to find a way to include him in his films, alas it won't be in the third installment according to him.

Now that we have that confirmed it'll be fun to speculate what could possibly come after "Guardians" in Phase 4. There was news earlier this week that a solo Black Widow film was being prepared, ditto director Taika Waititi who is very much involved in the pre-production of Thor 4. So gathering all the confirmations and rumors we've had these last few years it seems that these would, at the very least, be part of the fourth phase: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," "Black Widow," "Doctor Strange 2," "Nova," "Spider-Man: Homecoming 2," "Thor 4," "Captain Marvel," "Secret Avengers," "Black Panther 2," and "She-Hulk."