Mark Hamill doesn't know if he likes The Last Jedi or not

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Hamill expects it will take a while before he decides what he really thinks about The Last Jedi.
"The movie is finished, it belongs to the public," he says. "So if people are expecting me to come out and weigh in with what I think about it, they're going to be disappointed, because it takes me a long time. I'm just about ready to talk about Empire Strikes Back! [laughs] And then I'll get on to Return of the Jedi. Because it takes me a long time."
Also this is interesting:
Mark Hamill learned a major lesson from Johnson.
"At times, I'd say to Rian, 'We gotta think of what the audience wants,'" Hamill says. "And he'd say, 'No, we've gotta think of what we want.' Which is a learning process for me."

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