Is Dunkirk destined to fail at the Oscars?


With a few awards under our belt thus far (NBR, NYFCC, LAFC), the most ominous omission has been the lack of awards for "Dunkirk." Critics seem to have shunned Christopher Nolan's WWII film and it looks like it will continue to be that way. Why? It just doesn't fit the current political narrative most are out to state with these awards. Of course, the guilds could very well save Nolan's picture in the very last minute (DGA, PGA) and it could turn into a legitimate contender again, but now I have taken it off my top spot in my predictions, Steven Spielberg's "The Post" is the film I believe could go all the way, albeit in an undeserved fashion, but it has everything that is needed for a 2017 movie to soar. Dunkirk is destined to make the most number of critics' top ten lists, IMAX has just re-released it in theaters (been invited to watch it tomorrow), and it has a huge box-office behind it. Will it win Best Picture? I doubt it. Why? It's too white and male. What the Academy is striving for this year is yet another political statement.

My ranking as of 12.4.17:

The Post
Call Me By Your Name
Get Out
Lady Bird
The Shape of Water
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Darkest Hour
The Florida Project
The Big Sick